Beachhead Capital Nominated Twice at Investors Choice Awards

 (New York, 23 March 2017) – Beachhead Capital Management, LLC (“Beachhead”), an investment advisory firm that specializes in liquid alternative investments, is pleased to announce that its Managed Futures Dynamic Beta and Stable Return Dynamic Beta strategies have been nominated in their respective categories at the Investors Choice Awards 2017.

The annual Investors Choice Awards honor fund managers that have achieved outstanding risk-adjusted absolute returns during the preceding calendar year.  Fund managers from around the world are considered for the awards by some of the most distinguished institutional investors in the industry. The judges apply a holistic approach to the nomination process, including qualitative criteria covering the investment process, risk management framework and depth of research team, as well as quantitative performance measures including annualized returns, volatility and maximum drawdown.

“We are honored to be nominated in the managed futures and emerging multi-strategy categories for the prestigious Investors Choice Awards,” said Andrew Beer, Managing Partner at Beachhead. “These nominations are an important validation of our belief that high risk-adjusted returns can be achieved with low fees, daily liquidity and full transparency.”

The Managed Futures Dynamic Beta strategy employs an advanced form of daily hedge fund replication and seeks to deliver absolute returns with low or zero correlation to equities.  The Stable Return Dynamic Beta strategy combines two proven forms of hedge fund replication and seeks to generate stable absolute returns of 5-6% above cash with a beta of 0.2 or less to equity markets.  A UCITS-compliant version of the Stable Return strategy is managed within the SEI Liquid Alternative Fund (ticker:  SLAUSID), an open-ended fund based in Ireland that is sponsored and managed by SEI Investments, a publicly-traded US-based asset management firm (ticker:  SEIC).

About Beachhead Capital Management

Beachhead is a New York-based investment advisory firm focused on delivering hedge fund performance with low fees, daily liquidity and transparency.  Beachhead currently manages in excess of $500 million and is registered with the SEC and CFTC.  In addition, Beachhead publishes extensive research into the drivers of hedge fund performance, industry changes, liquid alternatives and related areas. and


Beachhead Dynamic Beta is a distinct business unit of Beachhead Capital Management, LLC which is an independent registered investment adviser.  The firm’s list of composite descriptions is available upon request.

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March 23, 2017