The Rise of Populism and the Fall of Economies20160616163624

The Rise of Populism and the Fall of Economies

June 16, 2016Research, ,
Recent election cycles in the U.S. and Europe have seen the ascendance of political parties whose platforms are significantly shaped by populist initiatives. Underlining many such initiatives is a preoccupation with immigration. Earlier today the Wall Street Journal reported that 40% of Brexit suppo...
Brexit in 10 Days?20160613134124

Brexit in 10 Days?

June 13, 2016Research
A new poll from the Bruges Group gives the Leave camp a 19 point lead over Remain. According to the poll, 52% of respondents supported a Brexit, while only 33% wished to remain in the EU and 15% were undecided. A decisive victory for Leave is within grasp; even if all of the undecided Britons voted ...
Brexit in 22 Days?20160601165828

Brexit in 22 Days?

June 1, 2016Research
A new Guardian poll reveals a 52 – 48 split among Britons in favor of leaving the EU. The alarming result represents a sharp decline in support for the Remain camp, which held a comfortable ten point lead as recently as mid-May. Commentators attribute Remain’s reversal of fortune to a combination of...
When a Client Asks, “What is Brexit?” Here’s Your Quick Guide20160225100755

When a Client Asks, “What is Brexit?” Here’s Your Quick Guide

February 25, 2016Research, ,
As we discussed in a post on Market Psychology and the Investor Narrative, the markets get very volatile when a new, large and unfamiliar risk surfaces. Brexit, or the possibility that the UK will decide to exit the European Union, is one such risk. Will it happen? Right now opinion polls are roughl...